Paris Hilton enters the crypto world with a painting valued at $17,000 at ETH

Paris Hilton ventures into the crypto world, as she auctions off a $17,000 painting at ETH. Thus proving that Bitcoin Freedom and crypto currencies have no limits in their use.

It’s not news to anyone that highly regarded artists tend to be eccentric. And what gives them more income than their own work is to profit from their eccentricities.

Many world-famous artists support cryptomonies, even considering themselves as „miners“. Bill Gates, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Paris Hilton are part of this group of icons, which is growing every day.

In the case of Paris Hilton, this peculiar anecdote stands out. She managed to auction her art, valued at $17,000 at ETH, through an Ethereum platform.

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Paris Hilton auctions painting of her cat for 40 ETH
This relevant media personality and businesswoman, Paris Hilton, announced that she auctioned her painting at ETH, reaching $17,000. It was a digital painting of her cat, Munchkin, for 40 ETH. The sale was made through the Ethereum-based auction platform called Cryptograph.

Paris Hilton auctioned off $17,000 worth of cat paint at ETH (40 ETH) using the Ethereum-based Cryptograph platform.
According to a tweet published by Hilton, the money raised from the portrait auction will go to three charities in the United States: LA Food Bank, Meals On Wheels and BB4Homeless.

This is not the first time an artist has promoted cryptology in this way, and although Hilton’s eccentric way attracted attention, since he auctioned the painting at ETH, many other artists have done their work in support of the crypt world as well.

A relevant moment in the crypto world was when Gwyneth Paltrow, famous actress known for playing Tony Stark’s wife, in Marvel’s movie universe, was the image of the payment startup with crypto currency Abra.